I am a research scholar, of Central University of Jammu, India. Writing and Travelling are my passion. We all seem to be lost in this big world of social media, looking for good friends to talk to about life and pretending to fit in this world. I have missed a good advise when I was growing up and the least I can do is pass the wisdom on to others. Writing has been very good option for me over the last five and a half years, to express myself and help others. I am working on my first novel currently and I am also managing my travel blog. The motive behind starting a blog like this is to just help you guys looking for simple answers to complex questions and to be there for you. The stories and thoughts in my mind can fill many books and I can’t wait to share them with you. I believe words are the best way to heal and help sometimes. “This is Aruditya and I am here for you.”