The worst feeling is to feel that you are becoming someone you hate. Its shakes the very core of you. I have been staring at myself today in the mirror, thinking about how it feels to stand at the edge, the edge of losing yourself. Every turn, every trail, every path, every road in my mind leads back to the place where I don’t want to go. I never thought I will feel lost like this, but since it’s already happening, I need to wake my consciousness. If you are also feeling the same hop on with me and let’s get through this together.

I am sure everybody feels lost sometimes and the worst part is not knowing what the source of this feeling is. If you evaluate the situation you feel more suffocated. I suggest the best way out of this is write down whatever you are feeling and sort your thoughts. Give yourself some alone time, work on your passions, rethink about your perspective and the negative thoughts will eventually vanish. You might feel alone in this time because it’s not easy to break the routine. You will miss your friends, family or lover and this loneliness can affect you in many ways but you have to be strong. Question yourself, why are you doing this? What will be the end result? Is it worth it? If you feel the outcome of this self-evaluation is worth it, then go for it.

The important step to take is to clarify your thoughts and identifying the issue. It’s pivotal to find the reason behind your mood swings, anger, fear or whatever is bothering you. Human mind is very complex. We seek things, relationships, and luxuries and when we find them we start to forget how it felt to be without them. New needs arise and we start to look beyond what we have. You need to understand what is it you seek in life? Is it love, money, affection, pleasure, freedom or peace? Stick to your goals and don’t let anything come between them and you. Take a solo trip, listen to your favorite music, read, sleep and most importantly think about your life. Think about your journey. You have come a long way and you have a long way to go, but just because you have lost your way for some time doesn’t mean you can’t get back on the right trail. Stop and breathe and follow the light of the stars. You know who you are and you need to get up and keep walking. I know my fears, but I also have the strength to face them. I am sure you have that courage too, you just have to look inside and find it.

Steal the moments from time

Have you ever felt like your life is becoming a strict diet plan you are following under the pressure of your gym instructor. Same diet everyday and you feel sick of it and you want to munch on that chocolate cake you saw last week in a bakery shop downtown. It’s funny how human mind gets used to routines and stuff sometimes and by the time we realize, it’s too late to go back. I have a 9-5 job and one day when I came back from work and was sipping coffee and going through pots of unknown people on Instagram, thinking when will I be able click pictures like that, I realized I don’t have time for myself. My busy schedule has stolen me from myself and replaced it with a machine, which is doing exactly like it’s programmed to do. I remembered that I like to do sketching sometimes, although I am not very good at it. I love nature and I wasn’t able to connect with it for a while and  I felt that I am not doing what I like to do as a person and most importantly as a human being. I am sure sometimes you have given a thought about why we are here in this big universe. I have thought about it many times while taking long drives in my car and I wonder we are like dust particles in this big universe and are we supposed to live life like a machine and die or are we here for a reason? The answer I get from within myself is we are here to live our lives to the fullest. All you have to do is, steal moments from time to spend time with your best friend, to sit in a bench surrounded by nature, to sing your favorite song like no one is listening, to help the beggar you see on your way to work, to admire a beautiful flower, to fall in love with a stranger, to feel ten emotions at a time and the list goes on. I think we are here to steal these moments from time, which is running like hell and we have to make the most of it. I don’t know if we get a second life, and honestly somewhere deep inside I don’t think we  come back to live again. The day you realize this, you will know exactly how to steal moments from time to do little things to make yourself and others happy. You will smile more, you will look beyond small problems and you will feel more connected with yourself.
Sometimes, I forget that my job or work is not everything and I can have a life beyond this also, but whenever I remember I try to make the most of my time. Half the time of our lives we keep worrying about work burden, responsibilities, relationship problems and many more issues. Stop and think for a while, you are not here to worry, you are here to live and to smile. Life is not a bed of roses and I know that but we should not forget to live while we are here. Steal moments from time and you will never get caught for such a sweet crime, I guarantee that.